Selection "Sea in a Can"
One of each

45,00 € Pack

Selection SEA IN A CAN

The assortment Sea can is an exceptional way to try all our products, make a gift or prepare a tasting. In addition to not having gluten and being a source of High Omega-3 Content, in the case of Seaweed salad is a food suitable for vegans.

Rich northern delicacies
paired with southern gold.

The Olive Oil Bravoleum, of the Picual variety, is considered one of the best in the world and is an excellent natural cold preservative. Enhance and enhance the final taste of our anchovies, seaweed salad and Bonito del Norte.
1 Can of ANCHOVIES: HUEVAS DE ERIZO DE MAR (Paracentrotus lividus)
1 Can of Laminated WHITE TUNA FISH: WHITE TUNA FISH, extra virgin olive oil and salt.
1 Jar of SALAD SEAWEED: WAKAME, KOMBU, SEAT THONG, extra virgin olive oil Bravoleum and salt.
1 Can of MONKFISH FOIE: MONKFISH LIVER, extra virgin olive oil Bravoleum and salt.
1 Can of SEA URCHIN CAVIAR: SEA URCHIN EGGS, water and salt.
Consult the specific conservation recommendations for each product.
ALLERGICS: Some of the products may contain traces of molluscs, crustaceans and fish.
Once your order is processed, we prepare it and package it carefully so that it arrives to your hands with all the properties intact. We work with a trustworthy transportation company that offers us the best refrigerated fast-delivery service. Our products are shipped with full control of temperature all along the transit.
Design by Brandinal with traditional arts and guaranteeing the essence of the sea